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18th birthday poems for son from mother

In your eyes, I see a man grown,
Eighteen years have swiftly flown.
From the moment you came into my life,
My heart overflowed with love so rife.

You’ve brought me joy beyond compare,
With your laughter and your loving care.
As you turn eighteen, my precious son,
Know that you’re cherished, my beloved one.

You’ve grown so strong, so kind, so wise,
With dreams that reach up to the skies.
May your journey be filled with success,
And your heart always find happiness.

I’ll be here, standing by your side,
Through every hurdle, every stride.
For you are my joy, my pride, my light,
Forever and always, my dear son, hold on tight.

Happy 18th birthday, with love so true,
May God bless and guide you in all you do.
You’re a gift, a blessing beyond measure,
May your life be filled with love and pleasure.

My dearest son, today you’re turning eighteen,
A milestone reached, a journey unseen.
I remember the day you were born, so small,
A miracle in my arms, my heart in thrall.

Through each passing year, I’ve watched you grow,
From a curious child to a man I now know.
Your laughter, your smiles, bring joy to my soul,
And in my heart, you have the biggest role.

You’ve faced challenges with courage and grace,
And conquered obstacles that you had to face.
With each hurdle overcome, you’ve grown strong,
Ready to tackle whatever comes along.

As you step into adulthood, my son,
Remember the lessons learned, the battles won.
Dream big, reach for the stars, and never give in,
With determination and faith, you will always win.

Know that I’m here, supporting you with pride,
Cheering you on as you journey with stride.
You’re my source of love, my reason to believe,
Forever in my heart, I will always cleave.

Happy 18th birthday, my amazing son,
May your path be filled with love and fun.
May you find happiness in all that you do,
And may your dreams come true, for I believe in you.

My son, today you turn eighteen,
A milestone on your life’s serene.
From the day you were born, my heart was filled,
With love and pride that could never be stilled.

I’ve watched you grow with each passing year,
Through laughter and joy, through doubt and fear.
You’ve faced challenges with strength and grace,
Always finding a smile in every embrace.

Now you stand on the threshold of new beginnings,
With dreams and aspirations, your heart’s inner winnings.
As you step into adulthood, my dear son,
Know that I’m here, cheering you on.

May life’s journey be kind and true,
May you find success in all that you pursue.
Remember, my love for you knows no bounds,
In your triumphs and struggles, I’ll always be around.

Happy 18th birthday, my precious son,
May your days be filled with laughter and fun.
You’re my pride and joy, my shining star,
I love you now and forever, no matter how far.

In my arms, you were once a tender boy,
Filling my life with endless joy.
Now, you stand at the door of adulthood’s hall,
My heart swells with pride as I recall.

Eighteen years have passed in a blink,
From baby steps to strides, I think.
You’ve grown into a man, strong and kind,
With a beautiful soul, so refined.

Through every challenge, you’ve shown your might,
Facing the darkness with a radiant light.
Your dreams are like stars, shining bright,
Guiding you forward, embracing the night.

As you turn eighteen, my son so dear,
Know that my love is always near.
May life’s blessings shower upon your way,
Bringing you happiness, day after day.

Dream big, my son, reach for the sky,
With passion and courage, you’ll surely fly.
Remember, I’m here, no matter what,
Cheering you on, through every rut.

Happy 18th birthday, my beloved son,
May your journey be filled with victories won.
You’ll always be my little boy, forevermore,
With a mother’s love that will endure.

To my precious son, on your 18th birthday,
A milestone reached on this special day.
I remember the moment you came into my life,
A love so pure, cutting through like a knife.

Through the years, I’ve watched you grow,
From a playful child to someone who knows.
With each step you take, my heart swells with pride,
For the incredible person you’ve become, by my side.

Your laughter and smile bring warmth to my soul,
Your kindness and strength make me whole.
As you embark on this new chapter of life,
Know that I’ll be there, through joy and strife.

May your dreams take flight, reaching new heights,
May your spirit be bold, shining bright.
Always remember, my son, you are loved,
With a love that is endless and undying, from above.

Happy 18th birthday, my sweet son,
May this day and every day be filled with fun.
Chase your dreams, embrace every chance,
For you have the power to make your own dance.

I’m grateful for the gift of being your mother,
For the bond we share, like no other.
On this special day, I wish you the best,
May your journey ahead be filled with success.

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